Oral Tradition

In my research for this book I realized that not all information could be proved through written documentation. I tried to be objective with any oral tradition, dismissing much as not true or unbelievable. Therefore, when I first heard of my uncle Hugh McGilvery’ s research I was very cautious. I realize though that older people can be an excellent source of information. Their memories are what made this book possible because there is much that cannot be recorded on formal documents.

Hugh’s initial efforts to find his fathers parentage were met with frustration and failure. His persistence over the years has uncovered a story, which I believe is true based on the few facts we knew about Hugh Sr’ s. life. In his travels to Sault St. Marie he met a Rachel McGillivery who remembered his father. She told him of the tragedies and consequences that occurred to the family. He was able to find a few records and many photographs. Photos that bore a striking resemblance to his father. In his talks with Rachel he also learned why Hugh Sr. may not have told of his parentage, in those days to be part Indian was considered bad, an embarrassment and bore with it discrimination. Perhaps Hugh Sr. needed a new start and an opportunity for a ne’Y life. Perhaps he wanted to forget his past sadness.

I find the story fits the facts and circumstances that are known.