Many photographs on the internet are not who they are claimed to be … The photos in this book have been verified by the said individuals. Adele McGilvery Hilgeford owned and verified the photographs here of their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and uncles and aunts. Florence Minch also contributed the photo of James Galeese.

Workers at the papermill. James Galeese back row far left.
George Washington Daly
Margaret and George Daly
Mildred McGilvery
with daughter Mary.
Mildred Daly McGilvery
with Gram Daily
Hugh and Mildred McGilvery
with their children
Adele, Hugh Jr., Mary and Jimmy
A Daly Party: Bob Daly, Jim McGilvery, Jim’s friend, George and Margaret Daly, Jim’s friend,
Catherine, Ruth and Tom Daly, Mildred and Hugh (Mac) McGilvery,
Emma and Jack Daley, Mary and Johnny Bryant, Louise and Jack Brennan,
Adele and Dwight Hilgeford, friends Mariel and Don Coffey, June and
Hugh Jr. (Mac) McGilvery.
Mildred and Hugh McGilvery,
Bob Daly, Tom and Ruth Daly.
Emma and John (Jack) Daley
Margaret and George Daly
Jack with daughter, Eileen
And Tom’s son, Tom
McGilvery Children
Hugh (Mac) , Mary,
Jimmy, Adele
Mac with his children,
Dan and Karen.
Eileen Daley daughter of Jack Daley.
Tom Daly son of Tom Daly.
Some Grandchildren and Some Great Granchildren
Margie Shell, daughter of Katherine Daly Venghaus
Connie Daley, Maureen Daly, Kathy Bryant, Colleen Brennan,
Dan McGilvery, Karen McGilvery, Pat Bryant.
Connie Daley, daughter of John Joseph (Jack) Daley.
Maureen Daly, daughter of Tom Daly.
Kathy and Pat Bryant, children of Mary McGilvery.
Colleen Brennan, daughter of Louise Venghaus Brennan.
Dan and Karen McGilvery, children of Hugh (Mac) McGilvery Jr.
Louise Venghaus and
John Brennan’s
Adele McGilvery and
Dwight Hilgeford’s
Adele’s sister Mary
Mac and June McGilvery at niece,
Christine Hilgeford’s High School
Hugh McGilvery