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Many photographs on the internet are not who they are claimed to be … The photos in this book have been verified by the said individuals. Lee Hilgeford and Alma Leeper Hilgford owned and verified the photographs here of their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and uncles and aunts. Charmaine Hilgford Talbot also contributed and verified.

The Wedding Picture of
Fred and Katherine Hilgeford
The Wedding Picture of
Lee and Alma Hilgeford.
Lee’s brother Jule was his best man.
Lee J. Hilgeford Auto Sales
Katherine Hilgeford standing behind her father
Johann Michael (Mike) Drees and next to her husband, Fred (Fritz) Hilgefort.
Lawrence Hilgeford with duck. Ursela Hilgeford with doll.
Top Row: Lee, Ursula, Lawrence, Jule
Middle: Katherine, Fritz
Bottom: Peter, Crescentia
Top: Charlie Pryor, Jule, Lee, Peter, Ollie Heidenreich.
Bottom: Ursela, Ruby, Mac, Emereda, Charlotte,
Crescentia (Cincy)
(Dave Gough on balcony)
Lee, Lawrence, Ursela, Jule
Top: Unknown, Brugeman
Bottom: Fritz Hilgeford, Dennis Hannas
This picture is a copy of a postcard sent to j. Fred Hilgefort. It was postmarked Loramie, OH. September 16, 1910 over another postmark from Kansas. The people in the photo are Fred Hilgeford’s brother, Frank and Katherine Hilgeford, Fred’s Wife. The original postcard was torn so the message is missing.
Fred Hilgeford (Fritz) at one of his taverns.
Lee holding Crescentia
Jule with tuba, Ursela,