Photographs – Page 2

The Christian Wellbaum II Family. Top: Laura, Sarah and Christian. Bottom: Esther, John, Rebecca, Lavinda Belle, Alven, Sarah Elenora

Samantha Leeper, Unknown, Cyphus Leeper (sitting)
William Leeper’s son Emery
William Leeper, Unknown, Cyphus Leeper (sitting)
Christian Wellbaum and Wife, Sarah Brown
Alma Hilgeford with Betty and holding Dwight
Alma Leeper
Lee Holding Dwight, Alma and Betty
Tom, Dwight, and Jerry Hilgeford
Lee and Alma Hilgeford with daughter Jerry
Top: Jerry Rowe, Betty Gough. Bottom: Dwight Hilgeford, Tom Hilgeford
Jerry and Wilbur Rowe
Dwight and Adele Hilgeford, Jerry and Wilbur Rowe
Dwight Hilgeford
Dwight and Adele Hilgeford
Tom Hilgeford dancing with his mother, Alma
Alma McFay Hilgeford
Lee and Alma Hilgeford 50th Wedding Anniversary
Betty Gough, daughter of Lee and Alma Hilgeford
Alma and Lee Hilgeford
Dwight with his sons, Eric, Pat and Michael