The Philadelphia Controversy

The Coate, Brock and Coppock Claim

Christian Welbaum II claimed interest in the city of Philadelphia until the day he died. Sarah Coate Brown, the mother of his wife, was the daughter of John Coate and Susan Brock. At this point there has yet to be found written documentation of John Coates parents. Direct descendants have believed his parents to be Mannaduke Coate and Mary Coppock. If this is true then it appears that Christian Welbaum II was correct in his claim.

Mary Coppock Coate was the daughter of Moses Coppock and Martha (Scarr-bourgh?) of England. As a child Mary had been captured by a Cherokee tribe that had raided and burned her home and then killed her mother. In 1 764, Paleface Normance, as she was named,, was finally rescued by Marmaduke Coate. He traded a horse, bridle, and saddle for Mary.

It is said that around this time Mamiaduke and William Moses Coppock arranged to purchase land from the tribe. During a solemn conclave., which was also attended by Daniel Boone, the council smoked a peace pipe and concluded the purchase. Although the original intentions were to start a Quaker colony the land was supposedly leased. Nine hundred seventy-six acres being in the now present day Philadelphia. The first ninety-nine years of the lease were up July 22^ 1915, however, the entirety of the lease will expire July 22, 2014. Copies circulate among descendants.. .

Marmaduke Coate was born in 1738 and died in Miami County, Ohio on September 25,1822. He is buried in the old Union Graveyard at Ludlow Falls. His parents were William Coate and Rebecca Sharp who were married February 6, 1727.

William Coate’s parents were Marmaduke Coate, born 1631, and Ann Pole who immigrated to America and are on the Quaker records of the Minutes of Burlington, N.J. Meeting, as arriving 1715.


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